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2019-07-02 14:05:36

Hello my dear readers and welcome to the new post on my blog which is going to be Banggood review of a selfie light and a little shoulder bag I got from Banggood webshop which you all are probably familiar with. Banggood is a webshop where you can find basically everything you want! There are many different categories of products on there from fashion to electronic devices etc. I am sure you won't get a blank page when you search for anything you want to buy. I have a 10% off coupon for you on Banggood (10% off coupon): Let's start with the bag!This is a mini shoulder bag which became really popular over the past months. I got mine in a dark blue colour and I like the colour, I like the zipper and the material but there's one thing I didn't pay attention before on the webshop. It's the strap which is shorter than I thought it would be but when I look at the product page on Banggood, which you can see here: BAG, I realize it's shown on the photos what the strap looks like and the length doesn't look big there as well. It was my mistake of not paying attention to details while ordering but I may still wear it sometimes. The strap came separately and you tie it on the little hooks at the back of the bag, as you can see in the photos. The price of the bag is US$10.60.

It doesn't look like that but the bag is pretty roomy inside, it can fit all of your go-to essentials. My advice would be just to pay attention to the length of the strap, I don't really like it this way but you may like it shorter. If you do, you should totally get it.

This is the product I was really excited to try out- a selfie light for mobile phone. This thing is pretty simple. You just hook it up on your phone and click the little circle button to turn the light on. There are four different light strengths and you get to the highest by clicking four times on the button. It was great while it worked. After a little, the plug for a USB cable, which you get with it while ordering, which you use to charge the item, started moving inside of the ring light. It is really hard to explain it but the thing you connect USB cable with is moving inside of the product and I can't place it right to be able to charge this item which means this item is completely useless to me now since I can't charge it. The breaking of the plug happened when this fell on the floor so I would recommend being really, really careful with this one if you are planning on getting it. It costs only US$4.83 and you can get it here: SELFIE LIGHT. 

Overall, I am not really pleased by this Banggood haul, it's definitely my worst one so far since I was really pleased by everything I got on there before but I would say the bag isn't bad and the selfie light can be good if you are careful while using it and nothing happens to it. Thank you so much for reading and visiting my blog! Let me know down below, have you ever bought something from Banggood and were you satisfied with the items? I'd love to hear from you! Love you all so, so much and talk to you really soon!


Bye, V xxxxx
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